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Matthew Pitts <daywalker_blade_2004@...>

Well said, Jonathan. Yes, there might be times when a pure system is desired, but it should not be the sole criteria used to choose a piece of hardware; to me, a situation where a few binary blobs that might or might not be used is acceptable if the hardware chosen is otherwise suitable to the task that it's being put to and being chosen because it is the most cost effective option that does the job required.

Matthew Pitts

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Why does it matter?

As an open source developer, my main concern is having a sane development and run-time environment. The purpose of the OS is to disguise all of the details of the hardware and provide abstractions for them. The fact that a video chip or anything else is closed is of no matter as long as it works with our OS of choice.

Your purist viewpoint is the antithesis of actually getting things done, which is the main purpose of most things that we do as amateurs.

Jonathan  G4KLX

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---In UniversalDigitalRadio@..., John Hays K7VE wrote :
>Please be aware, there is no graphics display
> on the UDRX-440 -- so graphics capability is
> not something on our checklist.

And thus the release of the source code for the graphics stack for the BCM21553 cellphone chip doesn't matter for the UDRX project, and it doesn't help.

But the documentation and source code which is still being withheld does matter, and is harmful, should you choose a product with Broadcom hardware.

Choose wisely.

Ken N8KH

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