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What was the attachment method for the SSD - USB?


Steve N8GNJ

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I've worked with computer systems in humid environments that make anything in North America look 'arid'. :-)

Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa are much, much more challenging! You have no idea...

For storage - I run my household-network Raspberry Pi on a commercial SSD. No SD card or USB flash can stand up to the hammering that a busy Pi does to its filesystem on a 24/7 basis. Tried both.

However, my Pi does DNS, DHCP, HTTP, and email for my home, so there's a lot of file writing going on - and those files need to be persistent. It's quite possible to make a Pi with an SD card work perfectly well for an application like UDRX - it is not difficult to put all of the high-change files in a RAM disk, only some minor Linux tweaking is required. An SD card works fine if updates are not happening frequently, my Pi still boots from an SD. Occasional writes to the SD to update software and alter configurations wouldn't be problematic, I would expect an SD card to survive for many years, probably on the same order (and cost) of lithium ion cells found in many radios.

This is going to be true for any embedded-linux device that the project is looking at using. We need essentially flash+RAM, which can be done with the Pi. Adding a commercial SSD to any of these configurations will blow the budget for the device, although I would expect that anyone who finds a need to add SSD for additional persistent storage can do it through the USB port (that's how I connect mine on a Pi).

- Richard, VE7CVS

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