UDRX hardware / software expectations


- to be available in the very near future as previous posts have indicated testing is done
- hardware to support a linux version that has good library support for all things Amateur Radio
- to be shipped with some ready to run tested applications to confirm the UDRX is working
- hardware does NOT have to be MIL-SPEC for temperature, humidity, shock etc.  That drives up
  the cost tremendously
- it would be nice if the modem, CPU and RF deck were easy to swap out in case of failure
- I do expect that updated versions of the UDRX will follow just like all the other electronic devices
  ...computers, tablets, cell phones...that are used in our daily lives.  If the original UDRX version
  does not meet future application requirements then I expect to have to upgrade or purchase a new
  version of the UDRX

So are any of the above a show stopper in getting the box out the door and if so when?

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