Re: 44 addresses / JNOS 56K / Gateway Security ?


Hey, we Canadians are known for being laid back! :-)

Maybe me a little less so, having been in California for almost 17 years...

I would poke at them again. I may still have a 44.x net allocation on the Vancouver 56kbps network (VE7RYY and VE7RYZ). You do need a new subnet for the new network if you're going to route IPv4 there. I need to read up on IPv6-to-4 NAT. Since an IPv6 subnet is the size of the entire IPv4 network it should be possible to 'just' map the 44.x subnet addresses into the IPv6 subnet, at least until we have IPv6 routing in general use on the Internet. IPv4 compatibility is going to be necessary for some years to come (at least the next decade).

You might contact one of the local BC subnet owners to see if they can help. I see 'VE7HEX' at UBC (they had a lot of club activity some years ago, hope they're still hopping), or VE7ASS (yes, Canada did issue that callsign! ;-) ), Jerome is quite a character...

VE7WNK and VE7RRX are also listed in the Lower Mainland.

I guess that I should also apply for a 44.x subnet for UDRX work in San Jose - wish me luck!

- Richard, VE7CVS    

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Well this thread has taken on a new be it.

Still waiting for a 44 address allocation.  A little disappointing in the slow response.  Maybe just a Canadian


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