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Tim Hardy AF1G <hardyt@...>

A good point! We'll have to see what shakes out as the experimenters "experiment" with linking digital systems.

73 de Tim, AF1G

---- Tyrell Berry <kd7kuj@...> wrote:

When dealing with music, I consider myself an audiophile. When I buy a CD,
I rip it to my home server in the FLAC format; No, I don't carry loss less
audio around on my portable devices... But I like AAC when my player
supports it, and MP3 when it doesn't. My primary concern with storing my
primary source in either lossy format is that if I convert between the two,
it's going to lose MORE data/quality with each conversion... Lossy on top
of lossy is bad.

The same is true of these vocoders... They are all lossy formats... And at
such low band widths, they don't leave much left over to be lost again. My
point is this: A transcoder between any two formats that use different
vocoders will significantly degrade the audio quality... Maybe it will
still be legible, but I doubt it will be a pleasant experience.

In light of that, going from one digital mode to another may or may not be
considered worse than going from FM to digital, depending on the real world
performance of that double (or potentially triple in a poorly optimized
network) lossy conversion.

On May 23, 2012 9:32 AM, "Tim Hardy AF1G" <hardyt@...> wrote:


I'm not opposed to linking different protocols, but there is value in some
of the objections to linking specific networks. If the objections or
concerns can be mitigated, then fewer people would resist.

The most often heard objection to linking FM systems to D-Star seems to be
that D-Star users don't want all the white noise from a weak FM station
digitized and retransmitted on D-Star, and I agree with this objection.
Find a way to limit the retransmission of FM signals onto the D-Star
network to only good, mostly full-quieting signals and you will probably
overcome these objections.

Echolink and IRLP were a match because they both use the same mode, FM.

Linking one type of digital system to another won't have this specific
problem, so I don't see why we couldn't develop this option as long as
protocols in each system are satisfied. For example, D-Star sends the
callsign of the transmitting station through the network. Make this happen
from the non-D-Star system and the D-Star network would probably be
satisfied. Otherwise, there will continue to be objections.

Tim, AF1G

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