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The FEC in built into the data stream by the chip, so you don't need to do anything additional for FEC.  

There is no existing program to do it, but it would be pretty straight forward.  The analog audio and AMBE go in and out of the chip (on the DV3000 or ThumbDV) over a UART interface.  You would just need to setup a program that listened for AMBE on a UDP socket and sent it to the DV3000 and take the returned audio packets and send them to your audio interface.  (UDP is preferred for real time audio.)

If you would like to write something, a good place to start would be  the AMBEserver code is there.  Look at dv3000d.c

Here is the manual on programming the chip

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Is it possible to just use the DV3000 to vocode auduio and pass it via TCP or UDP over a network? or would it need FEC and sync bits and such.


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