ThumbDV™ Last day to deliver before Christmas #thumbdv


We have 30 units left in stock, although more are arriving next week.

Today is the last day in order to receive your stocking stuffer by Christmas, according to USPS (Domestic Only).

Place your order by noon PT today and we will ship it!

Happy Holidays,
Bryan K7UDR
NW Digital Radio

ThumbDV™ is Back in Stock ...


... and on sale for $99.95!

Orders start shipping Monday Dec 13th. Get them now as the next run won't be for a few months.

Please limit International Orders to 4 per order due to customs regulations.

Bryan K7UDR

DRAWS™ Availabilty


We just had a status update on DRAWS™ component availabilty. It has moved from 52weeks, which means no parts are in process to October 25th 2022. Other components are as late as August 2022.

We will continue to look for alternate components, but given the state of things, it looks unlikely.

ThumbDV™ Availability #thumbdv


The last part finally arrived and we are scheduled for assembly next week.

If all goes well, we will accept orders Friday Dec 10th at the Sale Price of $99.95! Sale ends Dec 23rd.

USPS Recommends shipping by Dec 15th in order to arrive by Christmas. Our daily cutoff is noon Pacific Time.

Thanks for your patience during these trying times,
Bryan K7UDR

Re: ThumbDV™


The distributor has agreed to sell to us.

Thanks to all of you who offered to help!

Bryan K7UDR



We are still waiting for 1 component in order to complete our ThumbDV™ build. We have located stock in Europe but they do not sell to the US.

If you are located in the EU, have a paypal account, and are willing to help out, we will pay all costs and you will receive a free ThumbDV™ as a thank you.

Please respond directly to me at k7udrc@... if you are interested.

ThumbDV™ Status Update


We procured a large supply of the sole source DVSI AMBE3000 earlier this year. We have also worked on a number of alternate components for the rest of the board in order to buld. We have one component that was supposed to ship mid October, but has slipped one week each week and is currently shipping November 9th.

As you all are aware, this is an industry wide problem. We are locked and loaded for a one week turn after this component arrives. I will issue an update once it ships. and open up orders at the sale price of $99.95 with a limit of 4 per order, which is the maximum we can ship for international orders.

Happy holidays to all of our Ham friends around the world!
Bryan K7UDR

Re: Website is down for maintenance


Back up again!

Website is down for maintenance


The website and store is down for maintenance. We should be back online later this week.

Bryan K7UDR



We are currently out of stock on the ThukmbDV™. We have all components on order and shoulkd be ready to ship by the end of October. As you may already know, the IC market is problematic.

New Email Addresses


We have updated our email addresses on the Support Page of the WebSite:

Pre-Sales Support: sales.nwdr@...
Order Issues: orders.nwdr@...

ThumbDV™ Sale Ends Today at 5pm Pacific Time


Take advantage of the $20 Discount now!

ThumbDV™ Sale Ends This Week


The $99.95 Sale Price ends this week.

We are seeing long leadtimes on components, so the remaining units will go back to $119.95 at 5pm Friday June 11th.

Re: Website is back up!


While the DNS updates and content is updated, you can get direct to the products at

Website is back up!


We have moved our store to shopify. We are still waiting for DNS to catch up for

For now, the site can be reached here:

All products are in stock and the Thumbdv™ is on sale for $99.95!

Bryan K7UDR

Ecommerce Site will be down next week


We are overhauling our ecommerce site next week and will not be accepting orders after Friday April 30th.

If you're in a hurry, get your order in this week!

Bryan K7UDR

ThumbDV™ $99.95 Sale!


We have had component shortages for the last three months, delaying our ThumbDV™ production.

We just received 200 units, so it's time for a Spring Sale! $99.95

As always, we have price protection for anyone that bought a ThumbDV™ in the last 30 days. This time, there's noone in that category.

Bryan K7UDR

We're Back ...


New post on NW Digital Radio

We’re Back …

by k7udr

We are able to accept orders for DRAWS again. ThumbDV will be available soon.

k7udr | April 5, 2021 at 5:23 am | Categories: DRAWS | URL:

[New post] WebSite issues:


k7udr posted: "We've had a malware attack that took the website down for a couple of days. The shop page is still down but will be back up next week."

New post on NW Digital Radio

WebSite issues:

by k7udr

We've had a malware attack that took the website down for a couple of days. The shop page is still down but will be back up next week.

k7udr | April 3, 2021 at 9:52 am | 

WebSite is down


and we're working on it.

Bryan K7UDR

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