TX Duty Cycle

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Steve, WB4IZC, asks:

"What will be the TX duty cycle of the new UDR56K-4? Does this figure very between tx output powers?"

The UDR56K has a substantial heat-sink designed for high duty cycle applications when compared to typical voice radios.

The PA Module Case Temperature is monitored continuously and is available to the user. Power will be reduced if it reaches 80 C (The module is rated to 90 C) which will be reported as a warning.

How long it takes to get to 80 C is a function of:

Output Power
Ambient Temperature
Heat-sink Orientation
Air Flow

Clearly, locked in the trunk of your car in the hot sun (<10%) will be far lower than a forced-air cooled rack at a repeater site (100%).

We will be releasing thermal performance data before order confirmation.