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Use an rtl stick (dvbt usb stick)

Then your favourite sr software (be it hdsdr, sdrharp or whatever)

Route the audio to "soundmodem" and you can receive 1k2 or 9k6 packet



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Gesendet: Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014 16:28
Betreff: [UniversalDigitalRadio] Re: UniversalDigitalRadio

Would it be possible/practical to set up GNUradio and a cheap SAT-TV SDR
dongle as a quick, portable test set for the UDR's transmitter?

It would be receive-only, of course, but having half the test gear with
you is better than none. :-)

I could certainly be done in 'spectrum analyser' mode, but it would be
interesting to be able to at least receive and decode the beacons or
packets that are being sent.

- Richard, VE7CVS