[pcrepeatercontroller] DV3000 Info

"John D. Hays" <john@...>

Hi Adrian,

We don't currently have any plans to offer the DV3000 in a USB or other factor.

However, as Jonathan points out.  The implementation of the dv3000d on the Raspberry Pi (and hopefully the Banana Pi) makes the device available over a network using UDP without some of the issues and headaches of the USB interface.

The GPIO interface is to a simple UART  (Gnd, V+, TX, RX, RTS) and if you can match the voltage and baud rate, then interfacing with other processors and adapters is pretty straightforward. 

John D. Hays
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On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 7:32 AM, Adrian <vk4tux@...> wrote:
John as a DV3000 customer , I am interested in using the DV3000 not only on the Banana/raspberry Pi's but
as a usb dongle with some help from a adapter like this ;


In that case, a simple USB<->Serial converter might work?

These are cheap and commonly available for working with microcontrollers (e.g., Arduinos in 'bare' form).

- Richard, VE7CVS