Compact gps antenna and c4labs case mod

Don--AE4DW <dwinflorida@...>

I have a couple of those compact gps antennas, and while I cringed at the price initially, the performance is worth every penny.

I've yet to find any chinese or similar knock-offs, so Symmetry appears to be the one and only source for them.


Experimenting with a compact right angle SMA antenna with LNA. So far so good. Procured from symmetry electronics, $32 shipped. Mfg is embedded antenna design, model is FGPS35216-SM-RA.

Also soldered powerpoles to the 12v cable, coated it in liquid electrical tape and mounted it to a corner of the case with an M2.5x16 screw I got from ACE hardware for $0.75.
May modify the acrylic to keep the wires enclosed. See pics and output of cpgs