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I would like to clarify a few things.

NW Digital Radio's team is distributed, with members spread over two states and multiple locations within those states.  The business office is located on San Juan Island in Washington State.  All orders, returns, shipments, repairs, run out of the business office.  (I, for example, am located about 2-1/2 to 3 hours from the business office, if I catch two different ferries just as they depart.)

The support form is the right place to send questions about orders/returns/bulk purchases and such (e.g. the "business" side of things).  They go to the department(s) that can provide information.

The business office operates during limited and variable hours M-F, so if your request comes in on Friday afternoon or later (or on a Holiday), it probably will not be seen any earlier than Monday morning.

Responses on these forums, from team members, are generally from people located at different locations than the business office and they don't have visibility on the day to day activities at the business office, hence the request that business queries go through the support form.

If you return an item, for evaluation, it doesn't mean that it will be evaluated the date of receipt.  However, they will be evaluated.

I have spoken to the engineer this morning and he has a couple of RMAs to deal with, and will be working on them today.  As mentioned earlier in this thread, a house move is underway and that impacts available time.

The forums are meant as community spaces, to enable collaboration among users of NW Digital Radio products.  Team members will share knowledge with the community through the forums (as well as our blog and Wikis).  Please use the forum (including the associated wiki and files directory) dedicated to your product.

ThumbDV and PiDV  (PiDV is no longer available)

BTW -- this "main" group is going to be switched to an "announcement only" group, so please join the appropriate sub-group for your product/interest.

John D. Hays