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Hello John this looks like great news.

Consider me a complete noob when it comes to DV modes. I have been a snob to them because I refuse to buy a dedicated radio for each mode.

It appears that things are getting closer to using one radio for all modes. 

For me it would have to be without internet, as in mobile.

Having previously viewed a youtube video from VE2NBZ using DStar on a Fusion radio using a DVRPTR V1 my curiosity perked up and now today I read your post.

What about something similar using DV3000 and a RPi with audio interface to a Fusion radio? Would this not give us all 3 modes with one radio?

I realize the UDRX-440 is in the works but maybe this route would work for some of us.

I just want to be able to use one radio and work all three modes and not use the internet.

Bill K4IBC