Dayton’s Friday Evening D-STAR at the Drury Inn

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Dayton’s Friday Evening D-STAR at the Drury Inn


Friday evening’s D-STAR at the Drury Inn event will follow the Dayton Hamvention’s theme of “Homebrew Radio” and talk about Homebrew D-STAR.

Homebrew has been a big part of D-STAR since the very beginning. It’s been homebrew that’s driven D-STAR to where it is today.

Here’s some topics we expect to cover.

·         D-STAR Today - Statistics

·         P-25 from Icom

·         Learning how to use your new radio the easy way

·         Updating your radio

·         The options currently available with homebrew

·         Samples of homebrew

·         Homebrew by the developers

·         Your Homebrew

Yes, the last subject is Your Homebrew. We want to see your homebrew. If you are going to be joining us Friday evening, please bring it along with you. If you aren’t going to be joining us, please send us a description and picture. We want everyone to see the options available.

Here’s what we need from you!

For those sending in your homebrew pictures, as well as those bringing their homebrew, here’s what we’d like to see

Ø  A picture of your homebrew solution

Ø  A short description of what it is

Ø  A list of the parts and pieces

Ø  If you have links to any additional information or where the parts may be obtained.

If you can send us the information as s single PowerPoint page, that would be great! Try not to get the font too small. People in the back of the room won’t be able to appreciate your masterpiece.


Please send your submissions to Pictures@...

When and Where

Friday, May 15, 6:30-8:30 PM – D-STAR Update

Drury Inn Ballroom

6616 Miller Lane

Dayton OH


Light refreshments will be provided


Check for up to date information.