locked DRAWS: Need overview CAT and PTT #cat #ptt #gpio


Can someone point me to places to read up… I’m a fan, (and read most posts already, BUT...)


Awaiting eagerly for the DRAWS Hat!   I want to use CAT, at least for some apps. Most Apps allow selecting PTT, CAT, and other available options in their “set-up” window, like in WSJT-X and FLdigi.


Re/ Accessory Port: Is that Serial interface suitable for CAT?  Where can I get the 8 pin connector/cable?  (Would be more convenient than using a Serial to USB Adapter cable.)  What if I had need to assign IO pin to PTT?  Also Looking for example of what that "analog input" can do…?


Building “Go Kit” style portable station, bigger but similar to OH8STN (!) This DRAWS solution is great, plus will eliminate MUCH cable clutter!



holmzie N2EXG


Please follow-up in subgroup for UDRC and DRAWS™