AW: Frequencies, Band Plans and other annoyances

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Both antennas right hand is ok

Only if you use moon-bounce the direction of the waves change from right to

Look at 2 screws (and one nut on one of them represents the signal)

If both are normal direction you can turn the nut from one on to the other
(if the faces of the 2 screws are close enough)

Radiowaves behave the same (but distance between screws is higher and there
is no nut hi hi)



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I was thinking one station could have right-hand, but then to communicate
the next station would need left-hand (two antennas pointed at each

Wimo only sells right-hand, as they sell to the satellite market, where
only the satellite needs to be left-hand.

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Circular antennas are available from Wimo

73 Trevor M5AKA