UDRX-440 Board and Pi Star #hamvention


Re:  New UDRX-440 Board

Not certain I've read the product release correctly.
(in the future) will be be able to connect this new Board to a RPi 3 - that is running Pi-Star SW?

If yes, that should make a ~25Watt DMR/DSTAR/C4FM/P25/NXDN Hotspot...vs-a-vie the   20milliWatt   Pi Star Hotspots we're running today??


Steve KB9MWR <kb9mwr@...>

You have been able to build more than 20 milliwatt hotspots and repeaters for quite a while.

The interface is Arduino based. Originally there was one source from Bruce Given VE2GZI.

Here are the derivatives that I know of:!/TEENSY-Multi-Mode-Digital-Voice-Modem-Designed-for-MMDVM-Open-Source-Firmware-Compatibility/p/83099252/category=0

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The UDRC supports creating hotspots and repeaters.

Jonathan recently ported the software for MMDVM to work with the UDRC, though it is still Alpha code, but for D-STAR see the numerous entries at:


John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA