Re: Reflector 30C RX on ID-5100 from DR-1X Repeater with UDRC Controller

John McDonough

On Sat, 2016-11-19 at 08:13 -0800, Rich KR4PI wrote:
We have just encountered an interesting situation on our repeater. It
is a DR-1X repeater with UDRC controller. It  works great for almost
everyone, even people with ID-5100's.
Curious.  I have two 5100's and no audio issues with either.  Now, I
haven't messed with any audio settings on the UDRC; just straight out
of the box whatever the defaults.

DR-1X, UDRC (the old one, not the 2), One 5100 was bought as ver 1.20,
the other 1.10, but both are up to 1.20 firmware.  And REF030C plays
just like any other reflector.


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