Re: Latest kernel on compass distribution

Jeremy McDermond <mcdermj@...>

On Nov 20, 2016, at 9:25 AM, f6bvp <> wrote:

Hi all,

I have been working on the AX.25 module bug that is responsible of a kernel panic and crash. It appeared recently on Raspbian distro when performing an rpi-update. I checked all previous kernels and finally localized the bug in LINUX kernel 4.1.15. Then I worked on a simple patch that I discussed with AX.25 maintainers and others. However the patch has not yet been committed to netdev mailing list and it could take a long time to be done. It is sad that this bug prevents us from upgrading kernel to keep a safe AX.25 system working.
If Raspbian or Compass distro (I am now using with UDRC-II for 9600 bauds in ground station for Cubesat French satellites project) could be patched, it would be a nice feature.
We do put special patches in the kernel for Ham Radio stuff. There’s already an AX.25 patch by one of our developers in there to fix some bugginess that was happening with paclink unix.

If you send me the patch privately, I will certainly consider adding it to our tree.

Jeremy McDermond

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