Re: Unable to get sound to FLDIGI with UDRC-II

Corky Searls

Thanks for the additional information. I have an FT-817 at home that uses the same internal logic as the 857, so I can test it when I get there, but unfortunately, that will not be for  a while. The psk31 digital setting should work, but please make sure that you are set  for 9600 Baud and not 1200 baud. It should not matter as I believe the UDRC reflects the signal on both the 1200 and the 9600 baud pin, but not having any of the intervening flitering that may be on the 1200 baud port will help the signal quality.

As a second test, in the spirit of getting back to the most basic configuration, run fldigi without using flrig. For keying use gpio-23, though for checking sound this is not even needed. If you download the latest version on fldigi, it is configured to run with gpio using the wiringPi library to manage the ptt through digital control. With this configuration the fldigi display will not reflect the radio display, but you should have a direct sound path with no other software between fldigi and the radio to validate that the sound is working properly.


On Nov 24, 2016, at 1:24 PM, Urdc@... wrote:

I grabbed bed pictures of my environment.

you can see the C-Media sound dongle in white with the black DIN cord, and the Pi with UDRC and beige cord. The white cord is my CAT Control, with FLRig. Then Ethernet, HDMI, and Power.

to contrast between the two cards I am just swapping the DIN to the back of the radio.



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