Re: sox?


OK, doing as Mike suggests, changing from 'plughw' to 'hw:CARD=udrc,DEV=0' appears to have gotten the tone generator running. I say appears because I still do not have any audio going over over the air, but I see stuff on the screen that makes me think that the generator is running. 

Now the question is - What should I see when I probe the pins of the 40 pin header with my scope? 

First off, the script does not appear to work with the 6 pin DIN. It ignores the freq option on the command line and also ignores that I changed the time on the line near the end from 30 seconds to 180. I'm old and slow and need more than a paltry 30 sec to run tests.

Since I just want to make sure signal is passing through the UDRC I can run the tone generator for output on the DB15 connector. Using my scope look for waveforms on the lines that go to the DB15.

Running this command:

./ 1000

I see the TX LED light for the DB15 connector. I see an approx square wave (maybe with some pulse width modulation) on pin 12 of the 40 pin header. Also see signals on pins 40 and 35. But I see nothing on the output side of the AIC3204. Looks like the needed info is going in but the AIC3240 is dead and nothing is coming out. There is 3.3v on pin 6 of the AIC3204. Am I reading all this correctly? 

What say ye?

73, dave


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