Re: Unable to get sound to FLDIGI with UDRC-II


Hey Corky,

I rebooted, re-ran the UDRC soundcard initialization script, peaked with alsamizer to see the level were where they were when I first installed (check), then rebooted again just to make sure nothing was in path or attached to the UDRC.

Then I ran FLDIGI, and insured that the port audio had UDRC in both capture and playback, which it did. There was a single pixel height blip of the poor water fall patter I was seeing (no strips though) but it goes to black after than I I have no waterfall. I have a spy glass to inspect saoldering, I will take some time to go over the card, see if it's something like that.

I wouldn't think it would be this hard, maybe for fine tuning there would be some tweaking, but this is a non starter thus far.


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