Re: minicom->pilinbpq->direwold->udrc-II, getting decodes but no transmit.


In this case, each port is a separate sound card, so they are each their own Channel 0, as this is a working config. I was using the original direwolf.conf from the WIKI Setup for the UDRC-II whne I had it acting as a dual channel sound device.

I admit freely that I tackled several new packages to me all at once to try and turn my RPi into what I get from my Kenwood onboard the radio. Sometimes I am unable to even frame the question properly because I am still learning what I do not know.

I believe Direwolf is my soundcard aware middleware, that presents the KISS and AGWPE ports, it is the software decoding the radio sounds into AX25 like packets for consumption as well as packaging up messages for transmit (and watching the medium for a clear spot to send (COS detect) and using the PTT to send.

Trying to translate that into my world (Ethernet Networking) I would see this as my NIC Driver in a fashion. But I admit to still being a bit baffled as to the addressing part. By setting my NODE ID to say: N7CKY-4, I thought that would be the only source address that I would send. But when I then connect pilinbpq with say N7CKY-3 configured, I saw THAT call go out in the Direwolf console.. (as in my example in this thread, I really did forget to change the UN1X-3 call to my own, but Direwolf never used it) Now I did see the becon lines in the example, that I did not include in my config, perhaps that is where that call is used as a source, when direwolf itself makes a transmission?

But I was able to get pilinbpq to use teh KISS port successfully, AND I went to my desktop Windows PC and got RMS Express to attach to the KISS TCP Port as well. I wasn't able to get my mail though, it would disconnect right away and the winlink gateway I use would keep sending back messages to just "N7CKY" without any SSID added.. not sure what the deal is there yet, but I was able to use the Packet P2P terminal to also hit the ARES BBS, so neat! A little KISS Hot Spot :-D

Now that the sound is shown to work, I am having much more fun at the whole trial and error process.

And thank you all for helping me through this. :-)

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