Re: No output on UDRC-II


  Hi Paul,

Thanks for you response.  I copied to, removed everything except the variables that you quoted, and I changed the levels to what you specified.  Then I ran to set all values to a known state, followed by to set the values that you suggested (see below).  Unfortunately,  I'm still getting no output from the DIN-6 or the HD-15.

root@hammy:~# cat
amixer -c udrc -s << EOF
#  Set input and output levels to max
sset 'ADC Level' 19dB
sset 'LO Driver Gain' 19dB
sset 'PCM' 20dB
#  Turn on AFOUT
sset 'CM_L to Left Mixer Negative Resistor' '10 kOhm'
sset 'IN1_L to Left Mixer Positive Resistor' '10 kOhm'
#  Turn on DISCOUT
sset 'CM_R to Right Mixer Negative Resistor' '10 kOhm'
sset 'IN1_R to Right Mixer Positive Resistor' '10 kOhm'
#  Turn on the LO DAC
sset 'LO DAC' on
#  Turn on AFIN
sset 'LOL Output Mixer L_DAC' on
#  Turn on TONEIN
sset 'LOR Output Mixer R_DAC' on
alsactl save
root@hammy:~# ./  > /dev/null
root@hammy:~# ./  > /dev/null
root@hammy:~# speaker-test -Dplughw:CARD=udrc,DEV=0 -t sine -f 1200 -c 2 -l 0

   I redirected the script output to /dev/null for brevity; alsamixer confirmed the settings were accepted.  I also tried setting force_turbo=1 in /boot/config.txt since it had been suggested here that the clock speed might affect the RPi 2.  This appeared to make no difference.

  Any other suggestions for troubleshooting this?



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