Re: Where did the modulation go . . .

Jeremy McDermond <mcdermj@...>

On Nov 28, 2016, at 7:30 PM, wrote:
| 4 | 7 | GPIO. 7 | IN | 0 | 7 || 8 | 1 | ALT5 | TxD | 15 | 14 |

And we see that pin 7 is IN, not ALTO.

I don't know when these assignments might change. This command was issued after stopping dstarrepeaterd and ircddbgatewayd. These two daemons are started on bootup of the RPi.
Yeah, it appears as though you have something that’s setting Pin 7 to an IN pin instead of an ALT0.

How do we get pin 7 back to ALTO? It was likely there before I switched from wired to wireless. Prior to that event It was running and I was hearing the announcements.
I wouldn’t think it’s switching to wireless. It certainly wouldn’t switch the pin to an IN. It’s another daemon that’s starting that is bypassing the kernel and reassigning the pin.

Did you install ambeserver per chance? If I recall correctly, that’ll try to grab pin 7 as the reset pin. You can check by looking for the process with something like:

ps -ef | grep ambeserver

We can also try to shut down dstarrepeaterd for now to isolate things. You can keep it from starting by executing

sudo systemctl disable dstarrepeaterd@1
sudo systemctl mask dstarrepeaterd@1

Reboot after this and see if the output of gpio readall reflects that Pin 7 is in ALT0 mode.

Jeremy McDermond

73, dave

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