WSJT-X with UDRC anyone?


Hey Group,

With success at direwolf, showing my card does audio, I though I would try seeing what all this JT-65 stuff is about. I added wsjtx to the UDRC load of compass linux, added my Yaseu CAT cable to the mix, as WSJT-X has native CAT control for PTT, and booted it up. WSJT-X loads with no complaints using the DIN_IN and DIN_OUT virtual sound card selections, and I see some grean wavey line in the water fall. But I have never used WSJT-X or done JT-65 comms before, so I would not actually know if everything is working :-D

I am on 20M 14.076.00, DIG mode on my radio, and was told that the PSK31 USB mode for digital pretty much works for most all digital modes, so that is how I am set. Anyone use WSJT-X with the UDRC-II that can help me with pointers of settings or such that I should look for?


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