WARNING: Linux 4.9 Kernel Impending in Wilderness

Annaliese McDermond

Dear Sports Fans:

In late April, the Raspberry Pi Foundation switched their default kernel from the 4.4.x train to the 4.9.x train. This is a fairly major change that was starting the testing phase in December. I haven’t heard any screaming from the RPi community, so it appears as though the 4.9 kernel is relatively stable. In keeping with this, I have started to merge the 4.9 code into the Compass kernel code. I have the initial work complete, and just need to test it in my lab a bit. I would expect in the next couple of days it will be committed to the udr/mcdermj branch which will be compiled into a new package for Wilderness. At this point, anyone who is tracking Wilderness will get this new kernel. While I do try to check these things out as thoroughly as I can, I’m certainly not perfect, and we’re a small development crew.

If you are still running Alder, you don’t need to worry about anything. If you’ve either upgraded to Wilderness or decided to take one of the “daily” images, you will get the new kernel. If you don’t want it for some reason, you’ll need to get instructions from somewhere on how to pin the current kernel package.

Jeremy McDermond (NH6Z)
Xenotropic Systems

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