Changes to "LO Drive" in AlsaMixer Have No Affect #udrc-ii

DAVID BASHAM <davidcbasham@...>

I would like to measure and change my deviation using the the PI3, SEAPAC Compass Image, and UDRC-II.  I am running Basil's script "" to generate an audio tone.  I am using svxlink to measure the deviation using a RTL-SDR Dongle.  Everything about that process seems to be working.  I get a deviation value of about 3900 and I hear a clear tone in a second radio.  What baffles me is that when I go into alsamixer and change the values for either PCM or LO Drive nothing changes even when changing the values all up and down the scale.  The deviation stays the same and the tone I hear in a second radio sounds just the same.  I can make other changes in alsamixer such as muting the LOR Output and the tone stops so ALSA mixer is reacting to at least that change.  My question, why do my output sound levels remain the same no mater what I set them to in alsamixer? 

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