Re: Anyone taken the UDRC and connected it to a URI?

Konrad Roeder -- WA4OSH


It's been a while and now interest in Allstar is growing here in the Seattle area since the WW7PSR repeater is an AllstarLink node (#2462).  

Since is compiling the entire RPi-3 Image now for download, the Asterisk and the Allstar App are more and more tied into the "Santiago" and the "DMK Engineering" boards.  Is it still possible to get the separate pieces so that they can be compiled under different configurations (other than an RPI3 and the now somewhat crippled Beagle Bone black).  

I sure would like to see UDRC *replace* the URI board with it's 48/44.1 KHz sampling.  They for example are having difficulty in detecting/carrying FLDigi and/or Wolfram.  Is it possible to use one of the two codecs of the UDRC for AllStarLink and the other codec for decoding/encoding other complex modulations on the same audio channel and routing it over different path?  (This would be similar to the way VoIP systems carry FAX for example) ...all on the same board.

--Konrad, WA4OSH


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