Ritron VHF Data Radio Modules / FYI

Randy Neals <randy@...>

Slightly off topic, but an FYI on some data radio that may be useful for ham digital projects

I discovered these on eBay and thought I'd drop an FYI here to share.
5 Watt VHF commercial data radio module that would seemingly be good for digital VHF use.


Spec Sheet:

Service Manual:

What I've learned thus far:

The manual says that the W in the model means it is Wide band.
That's probably why these are radio modules are available cheaply because most commercial radio systems now have to be narrow band.

Audio for Data Purposes:
Aux Audio Input pin 7 is 7-3000 Hz without pre-emphasis. 300mV produces +/- 3kHz deviation.
Aux Audio Output pin 8. When loaded @ 600 Ohms, output is 7-3000 Hz without de-emphasis. Higher load impedance will lower the low end frequency response.

Looks like the Ritron software is pay-to-play.
Online radio sellers list the programming kit (cable & software) at $125.
Part number for the programming kit starts with DTXL-PCPK

Randy W3RWN

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