Direwolf configuration & UDRC II

Bernard f6bvp / ai7bg

Hi All,

I am helping to set up an Amateur Radio Satellite station at University Paris Diderot for IgoSat project.

It is part of a larger nanosatellite Cubesat 50 project.

Around Paris area, there are already three spacelabs involved into their own nanosatellite : Ecole Polytechnique, Paris Meudon Observatory and Paris 6 university.

We are at the point where hardware is functioning with antenna, rotators, TS2000 transceiver and tracking software is performing well.

NW-digital kindly provided an UDRC-II for this project.

Students working on this project accomplish 6 month in the laboratory to validate their final diploma.

Most of them are playing with mathlab and other sophisticated application for satellite design, attitude control etc..

However, when starting they have no experience of amateur radio, packet transmission and do not know basic functions of a transceiver.

I have an experience with 30 years of packet radio and amateur satellite communications so I can help to set up the satellite ground station.

In order make things easier, I found interesting to visualize IF signal out of the accessory plug from TS2000 transceiver on a basic oscilloscope.

I found also very helpful to apt-get install audacity that is available for Compass Linux (Raspbian fork) and Windows. This audio software application may display input signal from UDRC-II modem soundcard and help adjusting audio levels at the same time with alsamixer.

Direwolf must be shut off before starting audacity. Start alsamixer then audacity.

Select peripheral device UDRC in Edit Menu, Preference, peripheral. Choose udrc and 2 channels stereo. Quality 16000 Hz 16 bits is enough.

Adjust audio levels while recording audio input.

I hope this will help.




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