Re: Alsamixer controls for receive audio UDRCII

Bernard f6bvp / ai7bg

I suggest you install audacity (available using apt-get install) and configure it for UDRC audio card (menu preference !). I found it very useful to visualize and check audio input levels.
Caution : Direwolf must be killed before starting audacity, otherwise audacity it will not find the audio card. Configure audacity input stereo.
Open simultaneously another window in your GUI and run alsamixer. Start recording with audacity and observe the effect of changing levels in alsamixer. 
Note : it is not bad to run UDRC startup script if it seems to not respond to Direwolf commands or measure.deviate script.

73 de Bernard f6bvp

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Le 14 janv. 2018 à 19:28, TG9AOR <qrz@...> a écrit :

Besides the information on  message #1261(ADC), what else may affect receive decode? I have this IC-208H and it will not decode APRS. It does send, I calibrated it via the wiki (n7nix/deviation/)

José Roberto Ruíz García Salas

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