Re: Alsamixer controls for receive audio UDRCII


THANKS CORKY!! My issue is solved. The interesting part is that what solved the decode issue was running the script, which looks like the one in step 2 under BASIC CONFIGURATION from the UDRC Wiki page.

To summarize what I did and how I got it solved:

I ran into N7NIX's GitHub Page as I wanted to measure deviation. After having done that I did read the Introduction and I felt it applied to me, as I wanted to run DireWolf only on this UDRC. So I went ahead and ran a freshly installed image on another SD Card(not the one I used for the original deviation excercise, which was before posting here). Under the assumption that the script would preset the pin levels I did not go to the UDRC Wiki Page. So I was running alsamixer with the stock settings, and therefore my ICOM only transmitted properly but did not decode anything it heard. I can  now see the decode in the DireWolf terminal.

Thank you very much, and Thank you John K7VE as well for your support.

73 de TG9AOR

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