Re: Alsamixer controls for receive audio UDRCII

Bernard f6bvp


Exactly as it has been reported by TG9AOR on 16/01/2018 at 22:05 :

THANKS CORKY!! My issue is solved. The interesting part is that what solved the decode issue was running the script, which looks like the one in step 2 under BASIC CONFIGURATION from the UDRC Wiki page.
I found that from time to time when manipulating direwolf with different configuration files and different options, UDRC would eventually stop behaving as it should. For example, no more audio output.
In that case do not hesitate to run again basic configuration script from N7NIX's GitHub Page
This will reset all alsamixer and UDRC default parameters including audio levels but I my case it always put back my UDRC in excellent working conditions ! You may then restore saved audio level parameters.

Bernard, f6bvp

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