Re: direwolf configuration file

Basil Gunn

Below is what you gave for your Position Beacon command. You are
trying to send out chan 0, that won't work. You need to set sendto=1
so that it uses the proper channel. You are using the mDin6 cable so
you must use channel 1.

PBEACON delay=1 sendto=0 every=10 overlay=R symbol="igate" lat=28^52.69N long=82^$
#PBEACON delay=1 sendto=1 every=10 overlay=S symbol="digi" lat=17^51.00N long=102$

Also set the PTT GPIO's back to the values I gave:

Chan 0 PTT GPIO 12
Chan 1 PTT GPIO 23

I purchased the din 6 cable from the NW Digital Radio website at the
same time I purchased the UDRC-II board. They arrived together.

Your suggestion for the direwolf.conf file does NOT key the radio.
Because your PBEACON command is wrong.

However, if I reverse the PTT GPIO settings between the 2 channels
the radio does key (PTT activated).
Because PBEACON is trying to send out channel 0 PTT works but the
audio is going out the wrong port.

PCM L:[6.00dB], R:[6.00dB]
ADC Level L:[6.00dB], R:[6.00dB]
LO Driver Gain L:[0.00dB], R:[0.00dB]
PCM & ADC Level seem high but someone that has a working Yaesu radio
should chime in.


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