Re: UDRC II Hotspot connect remotely to Icom Repeater for gateway access #udrc-ii #vhf


Next I would check the wirings from UDRC to the icom 7000. I guess you are using the minidin 9600 baud connection to radio. I am not familiar with icom 7000, but may want to make sure it is set to 9600 baud. 
You may have an open in the tx part of the cable! 
2- The icom repeater may not be giving out the correct RPT1 and RPT2. The software in UDRC, needs the correct RPT1 and RPT2, in order to get keyed up. 

On Mar 8, 2018, at 12:10 PM, Lardizabal David D. via Groups.Io <davidlardizabal@...> wrote:

Correction no incoming transmissions as well as outgoing in the GATEWAY setting. 

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