Re: UDRC II Hotspot connect remotely to Icom Repeater for gateway access #udrc-ii #vhf


Yes. I believe if your icom repeater is set to a specific callsign, you will need to set the access point to the same, so your own callsign can not be in the settings of dstarrepeater and ircddb gateway 

On Mar 8, 2018, at 3:24 PM, Lardizabal David D. via Groups.Io <davidlardizabal@...> wrote:

Hi Johnny, 

I do not think it is the cable because I checked using the icom 7000 as a hotspot earlier today and it worked okay.  On the 9600 baud, I tripple checked because I have made that mistake on the past.  I believe problem might be on correct RPT1 and RPT2.  Regarding this if DSTAR repeater has HR2RCH call sign and my callsign is HQ2DDL, would I have to put RPT1 HR2RCH C and RPT2 HQ2DDL G?  and if soo, where in the software can I find to correctly define RPT1 and RPT2.  I am including shots of parameters.


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