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Hi Steve,


I am a real Digi-Pi noob, but I, and several of my local ham colleagues are using the Digi-Pi for FSQ mode comms. We use the Fldigi software running under Linux on the Pi. FSQ is a very low speed chat mode, keyboard to keyboard, that we use on VHF FM simplex, 145.580 MHz. To address your specific question, I am using a Kenwood TM-V7 dual band mobile radio; it has a mini-DIN-6 “data” connector on the front panel. Elsewhere, we are using a Yaesu FT-8900R; it has a mini-DIN-6 connector on the back panel. So, the UDRC (aka the modem), is connected to the radio data port using a straight-thru cable with a male mini-DIN-6 on each end. You can order that cable as an option with your UDRC-II. Other radios can use different connectors, like maybe a DB-9, so you might need a different cable. The UDRC has two radio port: a mini-DIN-6 connector and a DB-9. You select the one you want in the Fldigi configuration menu. Once the radio is connected, it is controlled by the software. So, you type a line of text and, when you hit enter, the UDRC turns on the PTT and transmits your message via the radio.


I realize that there’s a lot more to it, but hopefully this adds to your understanding. 73.


Chris Doutre KC9AD


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Seems like a pretty easy/simple build... but I have zero idea what's actually going on after the build is finished.. 

How do you connect it to your radio?

What is he transmitting/receiving?

A lot of the digital mode videos seem to start after the radio is connected and go over the software.  I haven't figured out yet what kind of radio I need or how to hook up after I have it.


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Thank you, John.  Looks like fun!


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