Re: 6 pin mini DIN adapter for GM300. Will the radio do 9600?

Richard Hendricks <rickh6155@...>

JU551 is for the receive, and does work.  I have the adapter board from Argent and the GM300 receives 9600 baud very well, however, the transmit audio
on the adapter is fed to the MIC AUDIO (pin 2) of the GM300, which will not work.  I've tried injecting into FLAT TX AUDIO (Pin 5) which doesn't work either,
as it distorts the 9600 baud eye pattern.  I've inquired to Argent, and John Cape informed me that I should look at C1 on the board (I requested and got a
schematic from him) as it may be the cause of the distortion, but the eye pattern going into the small amplifier transistor is clean on both sides of the
referenced capacitor.  I just downloaded the schematic for the French version, and see that it does, in fact, directly inject the 9600 baud data signal into
pin 5 without going thru any amplification.  So, I'll do some testing with the Argent Data module and see what I can devise by diverting the 9600-baud
data away from the amplifier transistor and directly into pin 5 of the GM300.

73 - Rick

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