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Be advised that the DRAWS board already provides a RTC (and a GPS w/PPS module for Stratum 1 time) along with a buck regulator circuit to power both the Pi and the HAT from 6-15 VDC.

On Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 9:25 AM Gwen Patton <ardrhi@...> wrote:
I use a ThumbDV with a Pi 3B running AMBEserver too. Works perfectly. I plan to use a new Pi 3B+ with DRAWS and a LiFePo4 battery backup hat with RTC to run digital modes, etc on my KX3 from the field.

I backed a Crowd Supply project for the battery backup device, as it gives the most features. There are other products by the same creator on Tindie. One of these may serve someone with less lofty goals. I prefer LiFePo4 batteries when I can get them; they're lighter, have better power density, are less volatile, and may eventually not be as restricted as Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries in terms of air travel or shipping. (Though they are still so restricted now.) My main batteries, for my KX3/PX3 set, my K2, my uBitX (once I repair the blown finals), my W8TEE/K2ZIA modular 40, and my SW Labs DSW-20 are Talentcell 5/9/12v packs, 6ah and 8.3ah. The LiFePo4wered Pi+ not only backs up the power to the Pi, but will regulate input power from just about any source. I'm hoping I can arrange the stack headers such that I can use the DRAWS and the LiFePo4 UPS together, as that would also supply an RTC for the Pi, necessary for proper FT8/FT8Call operation.

Crowd Supply project for LiFePo4 Pi Hat:
Other Silicognition Pi Accessories:
Talentcell Batteries @ Amazon:

Gwen NG3P
(I do not work for any companies mentioned. I am simply their customer and like their products, which I purchased with my own money.)


John D. Hays
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