Re: DRAWS to Elecraft KX3

Corky Searls

Yes, all of the necessary signal lines are present and it works great with either a KX2 or KX3 (both use the same cable). I can post a copy of the connections for the cable early next week.


On Oct 19, 2018, at 12:39 AM, Gwen Patton <ardrhi@...> wrote:

Ok, I just want to toss this out and see if I'm even in the ballpark.

The DRAWS comes with a couple of 6-pin mini-DIN cables. Excellent.
I'll supply a Pi3b+, or would a regular 3b be better?

Do those 6 pin mini-DIN jacks have the signal lines necessary to connect the DRAWS to an Elecraft KX3's mic and phones jacks with the correct TRRS connectors? Anyone know off their head how to wire that? I can figure it out if I have to, but has anyone already figured out this wiring?

My plan is a portable QRP digital mode station...or maybe using the 100W amp with it. I'm basically doing that right now, with a USB sound card dongle connected to my ASUS VivoMini Win10 workbench PC. I'm thinking the DRAWS/Pi, headless maybe with a form of VNC, connecting to a Chromebook or tablet for input/output for the various software packages being used, would be a compact and self-contained portable digital station. Have I got this right? I hope so, I already ordered the DRAWS. ;)

Gwen, NG3P

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