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Matt Trull

I am attempting to make a straight through custom cable that breaks out the PTT and Audio Out lines. I have performed the modification to the DR1-X cable that connects the receiver and transmitter so that I can tap directly into those two lines, bypassing any audio processing in the DR1X. We (club) hooked up the UDRC with the straight through cable you can purchase with it, and it worked fine...except we could never get the audio levels to output a proper D-Star signal. The fix/mod to work around that is to tap directly into the audio line going to the transmitter. I tried making a straight through cable, but the Pi isn't powering up, so I have something crossed somewhere. If you look at the pinout in the UDRC schematic, it looks like the middle row of pins should be shifted to the right.

Matt KX4GG

On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 6:47 PM John D Hays - K7VE <john@...> wrote:
The UDRC/UDRC-II 15-PIN connector is aligned to connect to the DR-1X HD-15 connector using a straight through 15 line cable.  This was created to be a plug to plug connection.  We are not sure that refurbished DR-1X repeaters being resold since the release of the DR-2X have the same pin wiring.

What are you trying to solve?

On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 3:39 PM <Oxyacetylene@...> wrote:
I have a question about the pinout shown in the wiring diagram. Is this shown from the rear, or from the front, like you were looking at the connector face? The pin orientation is off from that of the actual DR1-X repeater.


John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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