Keying FT-8500 with UDRC-II

Budd Churchward

I have an opportunity to pick up an extra radio for digital use. I am currently running a Yaesu FT-7800 and it works very well with the DIN plug on the back of the rig. A friend wants to sell his FT-8500 and loaned it to me to try it out. Both radios use the same configuration on the DIN plug. When I hook up the 8500 I have no trouble copying incoming data.

However, when I send, the transmitter keys for less than a second and stops even though the PTT LED on the UDRC-II stays on for the duration of the out going data.

Does anyone have any ideas why the 8500 won't hold the PTT for the whole time? There is no issue if I key the radio with the PTT on the microphone.

I am sure there is nothing wrong with the UDRC-II ... I can used it successfully with at least three other radios. Are there any FT-8500 owners out there that might steer me to a setting that I should change on the radio?

Budd Churchward WB7FHC

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