Two Questions about RPi for DRAWS

Jack Spitznagel

Brian and John,

1. Is the Compass based software footprint such that one of the new RPi 3A+ (512MB) units could handle the apps or combination of apps needed?
Seems like the smaller DRAWS plus RPi 3A+ footprint might be an interesting project to consider for "PnP" users.

2. With your NWD ambe 3000 dongle added, could local RPi audio stream be encoded and transmitted?
For question #2 would be using an "all band" rig with a 9600b port for DV.

May be an ignorant Q: It seems like an RPi could use the XC3006 to cross mode through rigs connected to the DRAWS board. Am I off base there? I still have not had any time to peel the XLX onion yet so am only thinking out loud now - don't understand the needed processing power issues etc...

Thanks for your thoughts.--

J Spitznagel
Science River LLC

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