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Brian and John,

1. Is the Compass based software footprint such that one of the new RPi 3A+ (512MB) units could handle the apps or combination of apps needed?
Seems like the smaller DRAWS plus RPi 3A+ footprint might be an interesting project to consider for "PnP" users.

Since the RPi 3A+ is unobtainium at this point we have no way to test.  Our product plan does not currently contain any plans for the 3A+, however, it seems to meet the specs for dedicated applications.  If someone wants to develop an open source case for it and provide experiences, we would be glad to share them.  

The DRAWS driver(s) does not add much overhead, so this is more of an application question.  Does the desired application run satisfactorily on a 3+ in 512MB?

2. With your NWD ambe 3000 dongle added, could local RPi audio stream be encoded and transmitted?
For question #2 would be using an "all band" rig with a 9600b port for DV.

Yes, but there is no easy software to do that at this point.  This is not an application that we have in development, but invite open source developers to create such an application.   G4KLX's DummyRepeater is a possible starting point.


May be an ignorant Q: It seems like an RPi could use the XC3006 to cross mode through rigs connected to the DRAWS board. Am I off base there? I still have not had any time to peel the XLX onion yet so am only thinking out loud now - don't understand the needed processing power issues etc...

Remembering that the XC3006 was a special run for the XLX folks, it is not available for ordering.  The XLX group does not recommend the Raspberry Pi as a platform for their ambed daemon, though it has run in such a configuration (it is not supported).


Thanks for your thoughts.--

J Spitznagel
Science River LLC


John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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