Re: self-contained DRAWS Workstation

Demetre - M0SUY (SV1UY) <demetre.sv1uy@...>

Really it would be self contained only if it allowed a 3.5 touch screen to be plugged on top of Draws as a Hat and even better if it came in a dedicated box preferably with a 5 volt battery inside the box.

The way it is now, you need so many cables and this is far from suitable for portable operating!

I hope the makers will think about it in the next version.

73 de Demetre SV1UY/M0SUY

On Wed, 21 Nov 2018, 18:27 Didier <on4byv@... wrote:


any availability estimate for the self-contained DRAWS Workstation (HAT, Raspberry Pi, case & SW)?



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