Re: DRAWS downloadable Image? #draws #earlyadopters #setup #compassimage

Brian Badger

I have Direwolf running now, but I couldn't deduce which of these three parameters was "input sensitivity" -- instead I changed the impedance from 10 kOhm to 20kOhm to get the levels right.  What is the recommended procedure?  

Is there any way to set these impedance values in software to get a Yaesu to stop muting audio?  I have no idea what pin causes a Yaesu to decide it is no longer going to output audio to the speaker, but I can't use it like this.  If I keep plugging and unplugging the mini-din I'm going to break the connector off the board.

Is there a way instead to enable the Raspberry Pi onboard audio and route the RX audio via mixer to it?
Brian N0KZ

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