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Tim Carroll <tcarroll4@...>

I have done that too so will keep plugging along till I get it.If not just have to back with lap top and sound sard if all else fails

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From: Joseph Vilardo <jvilardo@...>
Date: 12/3/18 9:06 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [udrc] ERROR ON gps


The first thing you need to do after burning the compass image and booting the Pi for the first time is to edit the config.txt file:

$ sudo nano /boot/config.txt

go to the bottom of the file and change the last line dtoverlay=udrc to dtoverlay=draws  save the changes

Then reboot and look here $ cd /dev  then $ ls you should see a long list look for ttySC0 and pps0

ttySC0 is for the gps serial port and pps0 is for the pulse per second.

Somewhere in the flood of emails for early adopters K7VE has details of the above, I think it is message 2023 11/23/18

Good luck,

Joe K3JV

On 12/3/2018 8:09 PM, Tim Carroll wrote:

Gpsd:ERROR : device open of /dev/ttySC0/dev/pps0 failed:not a directory-retrying read only

Gpsd:ERROR : read only device open of /dev/ttySC0/dev/pps0 failed:not a directory

Gpsd:ERROR :initial GPS device  /dev/ttySC0/dev/pps0  open failed


So not sure what going on.

Any suggestions?


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