Re: DRAWS downloadable Image? #draws #earlyadopters #setup #compassimage

Jack Spitznagel

Thanks for checklist. Many are checked already but will start back at top when I get home.
Jack KD4IZ

On Dec 4, 2018, at 18:43, Brian Badger <> wrote:


Mini din not seated in draws
Mini din not seated in radio
Radio not set to packet mode
Radio packet mode not set to 1200
Direwolf config file issue
Alsa mixer config issue
Competing process stealing audio device
Bad draws software install

Anything I missed?

Brian N0KZ
On Dec 4, 2018, at 4:19 PM, Jack Spitznagel <> wrote:

Thanks Basil,
I understand that.
But direwolf is supposed to send packets itself and will also digipeat. It trys to do that and keys the rig, but no sound regardless if Xastir is running. I just want to figure out why no TX tones. the two TX level adjustments have no effect.
On Dec 4, 2018, at 18:13, Basil Gunn <> wrote:

Basically direwolf can key both the FT 817 and the IC 7000, but no
signal, just a very short dead carrier. Xastir is not keying direwolf.
Note that Direwolf numbers the audio channels 0 & 1 and Xastir numbers
them 1 & 2.


J Spitznagel
Science River LLC

J Spitznagel
Science River LLC

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