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Roderick Wayne Hart Sr.

I uncovered an interesting problem/feature here with my ft-847. I have had the rig since they were first introduced but never really used it. I tried to get DRAW working on HF with the supplied cables. After a lot of grief I found out the rig has separate data and pkt interfaces. The din6 connector works fine with pkt interface for dire wolf on vhf and uhf. You will need a different cable with a mini 3 conductor plug to use the data interface on hf. You will have to make sure to avoid the ptt used with the din6 cable since it's activation automatically route output to the pkt interface which is vhf/uhf.

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Hi John, while this works for Dierwolf on VHF/UHF radios, the mixer settings are not working on HF radios using FLdigi , WSJT-x, or JS8call.
See my other posts to Bryan on this issue, the work around posted does not work either.

The TX only supplies a low ticking noise , and no RC audio from the HF radio is getting to any of the applications. 


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Hi folks

I have DRAWS setup on my RPi 3B+ with Direwolf and YAAC and it is
running smoothly. I want to get FLDIGI to run with DRAWS, what do I have
to do? J

Joe K3JV


John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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